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Humane Ways to Kill and Animal in a Cage

Animals and human beings have been sharing their living space from the very beginning of the human race. The relationship has changed a lot between these two Fayetteville species through time. Some animals have learned to use human premises as their primary source of food, water, and shelter. However, the problem arises when they become destructive, annoying or a potential health threat for the North Carolina homeowners. In these cases, the nuisance needs to be trapped and relocated from the human living area.

How to discourage North Carolina animals from entering your home?
Before trapping the pests you may try to use some other techniques first:
• Make your home area uninviting for the animals (every food, water or shelter possibility, removed)
• Create a physical barrier (to prevent an animal entering your home)
• Use scare or offensive tactics (this solution alone, usually doesn´t work, some additional actions will probably be necessary)

Trapping the Fayetteville animal should be used as a last resort, as this solution represents a high level of stress and a lot of problems for both, the animal and the human. When you decide to use the trapping technique, make sure you have located and sealed all possible openings, where animals could enter your home. Otherwise, new pests will keep coming, and all your hard work is going to be in vain. Therefore, using a trap should be the last resort on how to get rid of North Carolina pests list.

Humane ways to kill a trapped animal-euthanization
The pests have a tendency to become too much of a threat or annoyance for homeowners if they don´t find a way how to get rid of these feisty little creatures. That is also the main reason why trapping the Fayetteville animals is such an obvious solution. When the annoying wildlife has been caught, you need to decide what will happen next. Sometimes people choose euthanasia, a humane killing. Euthanasia is the most humane way of killing the animal, being executed professionally with minimal pain and immediate effect. Even though euthanasia is a procedure that usually needs to be done by an expert, it´s really the only humane way how to kill an animal trapped in the cage.

The possibilities how to execute the euthanasia:
• A lethal pharmaceutical injection (for example a sodium pentobarbital)
• A chamber with CO or CO2 (can only be used for small or moderately sized North Carolina animals)
• A clean shot to the head by a gun (small and medium sized animals as well)
• Stunning that results in decapitation (this possibility should be used on birds, reptiles and frogs alone)
• Cervical dislocation (birds and small rodents only)

The merciful death is the humane way of killing an unwanted Fayetteville animal, but only if it´s properly executed, therefore, hiring a trained professional seems like a good idea. It doesn´t matter how courageous you are, taking life is never easy.

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