Do Possum Climb Trees or Live in Trees?

Possums are cat sized animals with the weight from 700 to 1100 grams. Due to resemblances with rat possum are often confused with black rat. Possum are found in black, gray, white colors. Fayetteville possum likes to eat insects, flowers and leaves of the trees.

To describe that North Carolina possum live and climb trees we can first look at the physical structure that will support any further argument special features of the possum are long prehensile tail and sharp claws. The prehensile tail of possums help them in climbing and they use it in climbing between the connected branches of the trees, so here we got one point related to possum that is they do clime on tree branches, fence barriers and other hurdles. Moreover the structure of their feet also supports the argument because in their forefeet a gap between the third fingers from the second finger allows them to hold the branches of tree firmly and securely. So we can strongly argument that Fayetteville possum do climb on trees and their sharp claws enable them to climb branches of the trees easily.

Whereas the area of inhabitant is concerned they tend to live in bush-land areas, woodland areas, dens gardens of shrubs and the areas of rainforest. North Carolina possum are omnivores which mean that they eat both plants and meat. Although insects are their favorite food but they do like to eat leaves, fruits from the trees. An interesting phenomenon related to possum is that they came out from their inhabitant after the sun set which means they spend whole day in their living hollows and perform their regular activities of food searching at night. The reason of staying inside in the day light is to avoid attack from any predator.

In their favorite habitant Fayetteville possums like to live in trees they prefer tree dwellings and live in circular shaped nests which they make from dry grass. They prefer to build their nest in any hold found in tree or any dense vegetation site. Although possum like to live in solitary but they often share their nests with possum. Possum are very adaptive by nature which enables them to adjust themselves in any environment but condition for their stay in an environment is the provision of good supply of food. But as they prefer tree to live so they can make their home anywhere where they found tree whether that is a garden of a house specially when they can found their food item like fruiting trees, roses and warm places where they can have nice sleep.

So we can conclude that yes North Carolina possum do climb tree because of their physical structure (sharp claws, prehensile tail) and they like to live in trees and tree wholes where they can have nice sleep and sufficient availability of food.

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