Steps to Protect Yourself from a Spraying Skunk

Skunks are home-cat sized animals well known for the horrible sticking liquid that these Fayetteville animal release. It is a thick fluid that is made in the glands under the tail of a skunk and its primary function is to keep the predators away. It is found in various combinations of colors mostly black with white stripes but it can also be a combination of black and white dots etc. These stinking animals are also known as North Carolina stink badgers.

Skunks spray the smelly fluid at whatever thing they feel afraid off. They use it as a weapon for their self-defense. Even the predators do not like to attack North Carolina skunks until there is not much options of food left in the wild. When these skunks come in contact to the human population the consequences mostly come out to be quite smelly. These stinking badgers are burrowers in nature and like to dig their dens underground. So they make their habitats under your houses where they feel secured and find enough food. When you try to remove them off your property without proper method the results aren't often as good as you desire them to be. The skunks feel offended and they try to defend themselves by spraying their thick awful smelling fluid on you. The smell of this fluid is so bad that it gives a headache. So if you have been sprayed you need to go take these clothes off and take a bath. Then use the enzyme refreshers and other chemical products to take the smell of your body. Wash your cloths with the same chemicals and then remove the Fayetteville skunk off your property carefully.

To remove a dead Fayetteville skunk you'll need:
1. Thick rubber or leather gloves
2. Shovel
3. Garbage bag

Do not touch the dead North Carolina skunk bare handed because you never know what kind of bacteria it may have on its skin. Wear the gloves first. Then use the shovel to pick the dead skunk off your property. Handle it carefully because you do not want more smell than what is already there. Put that skunk in the garbage bag and tie it tightly to seal the smell and the skunk both inside. Then dispose this bag at some dumpster. Next time try not to offend a Fayetteville skunk and then stand in its firing range.

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